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Basic Facts and Information about the Piqua Shawnee Tribe


Given below are a few facts and information about the tribe of Native America known as the Piqua Shawnee Tribe. The history of the tribe dates back to the time of the ancient Adena culture. The Shawnee Tribe was one of the most famous tribes of the Great Plains Native American Indians.   These facts and trivia give us a glimpse, and a peek into the lifestyles and kind of lives they led, and they aim to educate us on the various sectors of their lives.


Regarding the types of shelter they lived in, most of these nomadic Piqua Shawnee people lived in wigwams also known as wikkums or wetus. Another name for these shelters was birchback houses which were cone-shaped and made of wooden frames, covered with woven mats and birchback sheets. Other sources of covering for the wigwams were hides from the buffalo and other big animals that they hunted.


The Piqua Shawnee tribe had a diverse diet when it came to their nutritional provision. The resources available at a particular area dictated what they consumed. They hunted mostly buffalo, birds like wild turkey, bears, and deer. In some cases, they killed the small game like opossums, raccoons, squirrels, and beavers. They also planted and ate corn, nuts, fruits, and beans.


Native Americans were war-like people, and they used a variety of weapons to defend themselves from warring neighbors and also to raid the other tribes. Initially, the Shawnee used bows and arrows, different types of clubs, spears, but the tomahawk was one of the most favorite weapons because it could also be used as a tool. With the coming of the white settler, the rifle was added to their arms. Visit this website at http://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/appalachian-trail-spirituality/index.html and know more about Shawnee tribes.


When it comes to covering their bodies, in almost all cases in the tribe, the kind of clothes that the tribe wore was usually dictated by the existing climatic and weather conditions at a particular time. Breech clothes were the preferred clothes for when the weather was warm, but during cold weather, especially in the winter season, they donned fringed tunics, shirts, and leggings. In some cases, the tribe adopted the white people's clothing through trade.


Regarding the language spoken, Algonquian languages are a subfamily of Native- American languages which include most of the languages in the Algic language family. It is a divergent dialect of the Ojibwe language. The word Algonquian comes from the French name for the tribe. The above facts are but some of the rich heritage and tradition of this tribe.