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Facts On The Shawnee Tribe


The Shawnee tribe were a nomadic tribe of farmers and hunters that migrated across the areas of the Southeast and Northeast. Many of them adopted the European styles of dressing and they mostly preferred wearing bandanas and turbans. They are believed to have originated from the Tennessee region around the Cumberland river but they were then dispersed all over America as they moved. They were a people that adopted lifestyles that best suited the geography, climate and natural resources in the regions that they lived in. Most of the nomadic Shawnee lived in Wigwams or birchbark houses which were also common among some of the Native speaking Indian tribes that lived in the woodland regions.


They also lived in Wigwams or wetus which were small houses that were shaped as cones and covered with mats and sheets of birchbark held together using strips of wood or strings. Some of the wigwams were covered using buffalo hides if this was available in the area they resided in. The Piqua Shawnee spoke Algonquian language.

The food that they ate depended on the kind of food available in the area they resided in. Those that lived in the Great Plains ate buffalo in most cases but they also hunted other animals like bears, deer and wild turkey. They also supplemented their food with wild fruits, roots and vegetables. The tribes that inhabited the Shawnee Woodland ate fish and other small animals like deer, squirrels, bears, raccoons and beavers and they supplemented their diet with corn (maize, squash, pumpkins and beans. The tribes that inhabited the South East ate rabbits, turkeys, wild hogs, eagles, raccoons, opossums and deer and supplemented their diet using corn, dried fruit, nuts, pumpkins and beans. For more facts about Shawnee tribes, visit this website at http://www.encyclopedia.com/history/united-states-and-canada/north-american-indigenous-peoples/shawnee.


Their choice of weapons included arrows and bows and an assortment of various hatchet axes, clubs, spears, knives and lances and the rifle made it to their list of weapons when the white settlers came. The Piqua Shawnee Tribe chose their clothes depending on the climate thus in warm climate they wore breech clothes whereas in colder climates they donned on fringed tunics or leggings and shirts. They also wore warm robes or cloaks to protect them from the rain and the cold. When the white settlers came they also adopted their mode of dressing after getting clothes from them through trading. Thus the men wore cloth shirts that were made from calico or cotton and European style trousers or pants.